Soundararaja Perumal temple is situated in thadikombu, 10 km south of Dindugul on Dindugul-Karur National High way Via Vedasandur.It is ancient temple which is evident from the various inscriptions available in the temple. The temple is renovated recently and has attracted devotees even from different places from tamilnadu. The path that leads to sanctum sanctorum has numerous pillars sculptures of deities.

These sculptures are artistic marvels that exhibit the artistic finesse of the sculptures. Idols of Hayagrivar, Swarna Akarsha Bairavar, and separate temple for Chakkarathalvaar are the unique features of this temple.

Special poojas are conducted on Theipirai Astami & Valarpirai Astami specific occasions that attract large number of devotees from various parts of the state. Statues of Rathi-manmathan bring unmarried men and women to the temple, who perform special poojas on five consecutive Thursdays and get their wish fulfilled.

A silver chariot, which is available in the temple, is the latest attraction. Serene Atmosphere and imposing statues dazzle the devotees. The scared tree in Thadikombu and Vadamadurai is vilva, which meant for Lord Shiva. The temple is well connected by bus from Dindugul.